Adidas Speed 50 (Kick) Boxing Gloves Black/Gold

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adidas Speed ​​50 (Kick) Boxing Gloves

 Speed ​​50 was developed for the boxer who loves fast work. Quick combinations, pad training, etc. The unique feature of these kickboxing gloves is the IMF foam padding. Thanks to the long Velcro closure, the wrist is reinforced and protected. The total glove ensures a magnificent fit and protects the hands to the maximum. The PU material is of high quality and has a remarkable design. These boxing gloves are suitable for beginners and advanced.

Which martial artist are the adidas Speed ​​50 (Kick) boxing gloves suitable for?

 The glove is suitable for amateurs who are looking for top quality with the latest technology. These adidas gloves are perfect for thai boxing / kickboxing and original boxing

What size/weight glove do I need?

 To determine the size / weight of your gloves, you can use the following program: <30 kg: 6 oz 30 - 38 kg: 8 oz 38 - 55 kg: 10 oz 55 - 65 kg: 12 oz 65 - 85 kg: 14 oz > 85 kg: 16 oz In competitions, 10 oz is normally fought. You want to train more and more weight on your arms to hold the train, get a size/heavier.

Benefits of the adidas Speed ​​50 (Kick) Boxing Gloves

 - Strong, partially elastic Velcro closure - - highest quality PU - pre-shaped for fist - punch absorption for more comfort suitable for amateur

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