Waterpro Punchbag Premium Nihon | black red

VAT included


The Waterpro Punchbag Premium – a strong PU punching bag filled with water – ensures optimal absorption of punches. And a lifelike training experience.

About the Waterpro Punchbag Premium:

high-quality finished PU punching bag with water filling

ideal for martial arts and fitness training

easy to fill yourself with water

including mounting material

color: black-red

dimensions: 50 x 38 cm (24 kg) = 61,94eu

                  58 x 46 cm (45 kg) = 90,87eu

           and 71 x 55 cm (70 kg) = 115,66eu

Water-filled punching bag for a lifelike training experience

It is no surprise that the Waterpro Punchbag Premium is a hit with martial arts and fitness enthusiasts. Because training with this high-quality punching bag with water filling feels lifelike, and has less impact on your joints. Impacts are absorbed very well and that means less chance of injuries. You simply fill this punching bag made of strong PU with water yourself. A valve is included for this. And with the included rope you can quickly hang the aqua punch bag at the right height, on the reinforced eye with shackle. Meet this popular training buddy and practice your techniques to perfection!

This water-filled punching bag is also available in black and blue-grey.

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