Karate chest protection for women Arawaza | white

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Karate chest protection is very important for female karatekas. Because a slap on your breasts hurts! Fortunately, this protection bra absorbs the shock. Oof.

This sports bra is available in sizes:

XS (8.70-74cm)

S (10.74-78cm)

M (12.80-86cm)

L (14.88-96cm)

XL (16.97-102cm)

This chest protection consists of breathable materials, is ultra-light and has insertable protectors.

Karate chest protection can also be used for many other sports!

A slap to your breasts can be so painful that it distracts you from your game. Or it takes away fun and confidence in your sport. Reason to use this coolguard sports protection bra: the ultimate chest protection for karate, boxing, MMA and other martial arts. But this martial arts bra is also used in equestrian sports, motocross and by women's hockey. Any sport where your breasts take a hit requires breast protection. Know that this karate chest protector absorbs the shock, reduces the pain and protects your breasts. Can you concentrate on your sporting achievements?

Choose Arawaza and:

Use the very best materials.

Enhance your appearance with the unique Arawaza look & feel.

Experience how carefully every detail has been thought through.

Find perfection and fun in your favorite martial arts.

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