Karate suit Kyokushinkai Arawaza

VAT included


You wear the Kyokushinkai karate suit from Arawaza with pride! You are a passionate martial arts artist: you see it, you feel it and you radiate it.

This Kyokushinkai karategi:

is white

consists of 100% soft canvas cotton

weighs about 400 gr/m2 (trousers 283 gr/m2)

wears an embroidered kyokushinkai kanji logo on the chest

A thoroughly Japanese kyokushinkai karate suit

Are you looking for a gi that allows you to practice your favorite kyokushinkai karate do and participate in top-level karate competitions? Stop searching! Because this Kyokushinkai karategi from Arawaza is a topper in its class. Developed from the experiences of other martial arts artists, every detail counts. The heavyweight gi is made from the best Japanese materials and the pants offer the most comfortable fit imaginable. A karate suit with which you elevate kyokushinkai karate to an art form; a karategi who delivers top performances and certainly does not disappoint you.

Choose Arawaza and:

Use the very best materials.

Enhance your appearance with the unique Arawaza look & feel.

Experience how carefully every detail has been thought through.

Find perfection and fun in your favorite martial arts.

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