OPRO Snap-Fit Senior mouthguard.

VAT included


Not suitable for suspenders.

Latex free.

Available in 8 colors.

The yellow Snapfit has a lemon flavor, the green with a peppermint flavor.

Made in England.


"OPRO Snap-Fit Senior mouth protector"

Opro's simple mouthguard. You can use this mouthguard easily, no hot water, no adjustment, just put it on and voila if you need to go fast.

Of course, you can also adjust it in hot water as you like, so of course it fits better.

Here in the senior version for 11 years and over

8 colors


Not suitable for suspenders

Latex free

available in 8 colors

the yellow Snapfit has a lemon flavor, the green has a peppermint flavor

Made in England

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